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With the somewhat recent invention of IP cameras, the market has been flooded with devices and accessories from countless manufacturers making all kinds of promises. For the average consumer, it has become nearly impossible to tell one from another; they all claim to be the best with the richest features. But to an expert, the differences between cameras and devices is vast.

Surveillance cameras can roughly be divided into two categories when it comes to quality and making good on promises: professional grade, and everything else. Products in the “everything else” category are meant for impulse purchases where little to no research is done prior. The packaging looks professional and claims to have a rich set of features. However, these devices are designed to sell, not to live up to their promises or last. Basically, once the product is purchased, the buyer is on their own, often with a faulty device. Anyone who is not a network engineer can find connecting these devices to their network nearly impossible. And if connected, find they don’t actually work in low-light or whatever else they claim to do.

Then there is professional grade. The benefit of a quality surveillance camera system is these manufacturers have research and development teams who test, test and retest that their systems work under all conditions promised. Installation is easy. They instantly connect to your NVR (network video recorder). The screw holes in the bracket line up. The color is accurate. All features work as promised. Even simple things like the owner’s manual not being full of misspellings. Overall, they just do what they promise and last a long time.

At, we only sell high quality security and surveillance cameras and equipment. We’ve already done the homework. Every product we sell has been tested to meet our high quality standards. Surprisingly, professional grade products do not necessarily cost more than those of lesser quality, making it an easy choice.

Turret IP Cameras
Bullet IP Cameras
Vandal Dome Cameras
PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom) Cameras
Specialty Cameras (panoramic, license plate readers)

NVR: Network Video Recorders

Brackets: For mounting security cameras of all types

Accessories: Monitors, storage, networking, cabling and more. stands behind its products by offering an extended warranty for all IP cameras, hard drives, monitors and network devices. This is unusual in the industry and only possible due to the quality and longevity of the products we offer. These are the same cameras we use.

If you are looking for professional security and surveillance cameras and equipment has done the homework for you. If only high-quality will do, and you want to avoid the headache of devices that won’t connect or fail to deliver what they promise, then our catalog of security and surveillance cameras, equipment and accessories is right for you. We’ve been in business for over 50 years, serving customers in a wide variety of industries and applications. We deliver on what we promise.