POE Extender


Boost your surveillance system's reach effortlessly with this nifty device - POE extender from We Supply Security! Whether you're safeguarding an office, store, or even an entire neighborhood, the POE extender will ensure your security cameras don't miss a beat.

Say goodbye to limited distances and hello to uninterrupted coverage! Let's keep those eyes in the sky sharp as ever!

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UPS Backup POE Injector

PoE Injector | No-Break UPS Backup | Gigabit

WiTek PoE Injector & No-Break UPS - Gigabit 2x 10/100/1000Mbps Ports UPS No-break PoE Injector Inside battery controller for charge and dis-charge 24-48V PoE output optional Support AC 90-240V in,...

90W POE Injector

PoE Injector | 90W | Gigabit

WiTek PoE Injector - 90W Output - Gigabit   1* 100/1000Mbps PoE output port with 802.3bt 90W 1* 100/1000Mbps Ethernet input port Input 100-240V AC Metal casing with high quality...

2 Port Outdoor POE Extender

Outdoor PoE Extender | 2 Ports | Gigabit

WiTek Outdoor PoE Extender - 2 Port Output - Gigabit Data in port: 1 x 1000Mbps PoE port with 802.3bt 60W PoE out port: 2 x 1000Mbps PoE port with...

4 Port POE Extender

PoE Extender | 4 Ports | Gigabit

WiTek PoE Extender - 4 Port Output - Gigabit   PoE in port: 1*1000Mbps PoE port with 802.3af/at 90W DC input port: 48-55V PoE output port: 4*1000Mbps PoE port with...

2 Port POE Extender

PoE Extender | 2 Ports | Gigabit

WiTek PoE Extender - 2 Port Output - Gigabit PoE in port: 1*1000Mbps PoE port with 802.3af/at 30W DC input port: 48-55V PoE output port: 2*1000Mbps PoE port with 802.3at/at...

Features of POE Extender at We Supply Security 

When it comes to extending the reach of your security cameras, We Supply Security has got you covered with our top-of-the-line POE extenders. As a trusted supplier, dealer, distributor, and wholesaler in the San Diego area (and beyond), we provide reliable solutions for all your surveillance needs.

It's a game-changing device that allows you to transmit power and data signals over Ethernet cables. This means you can effortlessly connect distant IP cameras to your network without compromising on performance or quality.

Our collection of POE extenders stands out from the rest due to their superior features. They ensure seamless connectivity while providing up to 30 watts of power per port. With these robust devices in place, there's no need for additional power sources or complicated setups - simply plug and play!

Not only do our POE extenders excel in performance, but they also boast incredible flexibility. With quality cabling, you can rest assured knowing that every corner is efficiently monitored.

Whether it's securing large buildings like offices or warehouses or monitoring expansive outdoor areas like parking lots or construction sites, our advanced range of POE extenders will meet and exceed your expectations!

Don't let distance limit your surveillance capabilities! Partner with We Supply Security today and equip yourself as an industry-leading reseller with high-quality bulk security equipment at unbeatable prices!

Ready-made stock ready for immediate shipping! Don't miss this amazing opportunity – order now from us! Let us take care of all Your Surveillance needs.

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