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ColorHunter technology is designed to provide the best possible image quality day or night.  Coupled with SmartAI features such as human and vehicle detection these cameras are the pinnacle of cameras offered at NDAASecurity.com

Available Models

Model Number Type & Resolution
IPC3638SE-ADF28K-WL-I0 Turret Camera - 8MP
IPC3615SE-ADF28KM-WL-I0 Turret Camera - 5MP
IPC3634SE-ADF28K-WL-I0 Turret Camera - 4MP
IPC2K24SE-ADF40KMC-WL-I0 Panoramic Bullet - 4MP (Dual Sensor)
IPC2228SE-DF40K-WL-I0 Bullet Camera - 8MP
IPC2225SE-DF40K-WL-I0 Bullet Camera - 5MP


Traditional cameras can under perform when lighting conditions are mediocre.  Supplementing the image quality with IR light improves the image quality but still results in a loss of color fidelity.  

traditional cameras

ColorHunter cameras start by using very high quality hardware components from a large CMOS sensor, extremely wide aperture, and a high quality lens.  This is all used to bring in as much of the natural light possible resulting in a full color image.  If the available light is insufficient then the camera activates the warm white LEDs to further improve the picture. 


ColorHunter cameras all come with the SmartAI feature set: SIP (Smart Intrusion Protection), Human/Vehicle Detection, Face Capture, & People Counting. 

Smart Intrusion Protection allows you to select 1 of 4 different modes (Tripwire, Intrusion, Enter Area, & Leave Area) to use in conjunction with intelligent human and vehicle detection which results in a very low false alarm rate. You can also use this feature to push notify your smartphone, making sure you are always aware of what is happening on your property. 

smart ai

Smart Intrusion Diagram

ColorHunter cameras all come with 120dB true WDR for high contrast lighting conditions allowing you to see below very dark and very light areas simultaneously:


ColorHunter cameras are built to last with sturdy housings, incorporating glass lens covers that will not yellow over time.