Vandal Dome IP Camera Kit | 4MP | 4 Channel | SKU: EK-S31P4D44T1

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vandal dome ip camera
4 channel nvr
hard drive 1TB
ethernet cable 60 feet

4x 4MP IP Cameras

4-Channel NVR with PoE

1TB Hard Drive

Ethernet Cables


UNV Vandal Dome Camera Kit - 4MP (2560 x 1440 resolution) | 1TB Hard Drive | 4-Channel NVR

UNV's 4-channel camera kit has everything you need, except a monitor, to put a surveillance system in to your home or business.  This system incorporates 4MP high resolution cameras to give you a great image.  Just run the included ethernet cable to where you want the cameras located plug everything in and the NVR will automatically detect and configure the cameras.  To view the system remotely, you just need to install the EZView app, register for a free account, and scan a QR code from the NVR's network menu - no messing with your router or port forwarding required. 

Kit Contents:

  • (4) 4MP IP Camera - Turret Housing - Model: EC-T4F28M
  • (1) 4-Channel NVR with 4-Port PoE - Model: NVR301-04S3-P4
  • (1) Western Digital Purple Security-Rated 1TB Hard Drive
  • (4) 60 Feet Ethernet Cables
  • (1) 6 Foot Ethernet Cable
  • (1) 6 Foot HDMI Video Cable
  • (1) Power Supply


Key Features:

  • 4MP max resolution (2560*1440), up to 20fps
  • Smart IR rated for up to 30M (98ft)
  • Ultra H.265 Compression
  • 4 Channel NVR with built-in PoE for Plug and Play setup
  • Security rated hard drive designed for the demanding 24/7 use of CCTV
  • IP67 waterproof rated cameras for outdoor use

poe ethernet cable These camera support PoE which stands for power over ethernet.  This time saving technology provides all required communication and power needed for the camera over a single cable. 
easy installation
This kit is quick and easy to install.  Just install the hard drive, run the camera cables, mount and connect the cameras then connect the cable to the NVR.  When you power up the NVR it will automatically connect the cameras and use its default record settings to get you going as quick as possible.
wide angle lens
The wide angle lens used on this camera allows it to have an amazing 107.5° field of view, making it great for covering large areas
ezview remote viewing app
Using the EZView app will allow you to view your cameras, get alerts if the camera sees something, or playback video all on the go.
smart technology vca cross line These cameras support cross line and intrusion detection of humans.  Setup this special feature to give you accurate alerts when someone is near your home or office.
need assistance

If you run into any trouble you can always give us a call and we will do our best to assist you. 

You can also contact Uniview's support team

+1 (800) 860-7999


Spec SheetPrintable specification sheet showing all technical features of the NVR Download
User ManualUser manual for Uniview NVRsv3.00Download
User ManualUser manual for Uniview IP Camerav3.00Download
EZToolsEZTools 2.0 is a tool kit for device management, channel management, device upgrade and maintenance, recording time and capacity calculation.R1122.2.6.1Download
EZStationVMS (Video Management Software) allows unified management of Uniview's IP Cameras & NVRsB1130.3.12.1Download
EZPlayerEZPlayer is a media player tools for local recordings, supporting both .ts and .mp4 file typesB1111.1.6.0Download
EZStationVMS (Video Management Software) allows unified management of Uniview's IP Cameras & NVRsB1113.3.10.1Download
EZStation BETAVMS (Video Management Software) allows unified management of Uniview's IP Cameras & NVRs (Try this if you have problems with the official release above)B1113.3.10.0.L02Download


Aiming Towards Excellence

Uniview is the pioneer and leader of IP video surveillance. Originally
introduced IP video surveillance system in China but, through consistent innovation,
Uniview now is the fourth largest manufacturer in the world. We continue to
reinvest into our technology, providing our customers with the best possible surveillance

With 16 years of technological exploration, Uniview continues to evolve, expanding
from video surveillance to AIoT. Our video surveillance product lines range includes
IP cameras, NVR, Encoders, Decoders, Storage Expansion, Client Software and Smart
Device Apps.  Our AIoT products range
from digital displays, intelligent access control, smart office, and smart

Uniview provides professional solutions covering all industries, delivered
more than 7000 cases in smart city, transportation, industrial park,
commercial, bank, residential, school, healthcare etc.

Our Vision:

Unlimited New View

Our Mission:

The Uniview team considers themselves to be citizens of the world and endeavors
to build a safer world based on ethics and professionalism, always moving
forward with fortitude to achieve progress and innovation.


To continuously improve through innovation while remaining pragmatic. To be collaborative
with our partners to allow us to grow together.  

Social Responsibility:

Uniview strives to protect the environment through efficient manufacturing
that minimizes waste.  As we continue to
grow, we stay focus on being eco-friendly in both our production facilities and
our business practices. Our manufacturing facilities are certified ISO14000 and

Uniview also shares humanitarian beliefs and feels strongly that we should
give back to society. We have volunteer teams that has held several charitable
activities providing aid to people in need.

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