Vandal Dome IP Camera | 4MP | 2.8mm Lens | UniArch | SKU: IPC-D124-PF28KM

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Fixed Lens
dual light camera

NDAA Compliant Camera

Fixed 2.8mm Wide-Angle Lens

3-Axis Mounting Position

Built-In IR Illumination


UniArch Vandal Dome IP Camera - 4MP (2688 x 1520 resolution) | Wide Angle 2.8mm Lens

UniArch cameras offer a reliable and well featured product while retaining a excellent value to your clients.  Featuring 4MP resolution, 30m IR range, and a wide angle lens, these cameras are a great general use product for customers with basic needs. 

Key Features:

  • Smart IR LEDs provide up to 30m (98ft) of illumination
  • IP67 extreme weather protection & IK10 vandal impact resistance
  • 4MP max resolution (2688*1520)

National Defense Authorization Act or NDAA was modified to restrict the "use" of certain brands, and their OEMs, when dealing with the federal government and went into full effect August 2020.  Use of restricted products affects government contractors even on their own security systems on their private property.   Recently, the FCC has followed suit and also banned those same manufacturers.  This product is made with 100% NDAA compliant parts.
PoE Icon
This camera supports PoE (power-over-ethernet) which supplies power to the camera over the Cat5e or Cat6 cable.  This means you only need one cable to give you all the video, audio, 2-way communication, and power to the camera, greatly simplifying the installation.
H.265 Icon
Ultra H.265 technology is designed to use less hard drive space and bandwidth. Powered by U-code technology which was exclusively developed by Uniview to have excellent bitrate control and bandwidth reduction. It is not only a compression technology, but a cutting edge end-to-end solution.
wide dynamic range DWDR (Digital Wide Dynamic Range) allows this camera to operate more efficiently in high contrast environments that have simultaneous instances of very dark and very light areas. Activating it will normalize both areas and make it so the camera can see them at the same time by using software processing.
Smart VCA This camera supports motion detection and incorporates smart IR to reduce blooming when an object is too close to the camera.
lighthunter low light camera

Using the integrated IR LEDs allows this camera to see in complete darkness.  The Integrated IR LEDs provide up to 30m or 98ft of illumination.


Aiming Towards Excellence

Uniview is the pioneer and leader of IP video surveillance. Originally
introduced IP video surveillance system in China but, through consistent innovation,
Uniview now is the fourth largest manufacturer in the world. We continue to
reinvest into our technology, providing our customers with the best possible surveillance

With 16 years of technological exploration, Uniview continues to evolve, expanding
from video surveillance to AIoT. Our video surveillance product lines range includes
IP cameras, NVR, Encoders, Decoders, Storage Expansion, Client Software and Smart
Device Apps.  Our AIoT products range
from digital displays, intelligent access control, smart office, and smart

Uniview provides professional solutions covering all industries, delivered
more than 7000 cases in smart city, transportation, industrial park,
commercial, bank, residential, school, healthcare etc.

Our Vision:

Unlimited New View

Our Mission:

The Uniview team considers themselves to be citizens of the world and endeavors
to build a safer world based on ethics and professionalism, always moving
forward with fortitude to achieve progress and innovation.


To continuously improve through innovation while remaining pragmatic. To be collaborative
with our partners to allow us to grow together.  

Social Responsibility:

Uniview strives to protect the environment through efficient manufacturing
that minimizes waste.  As we continue to
grow, we stay focus on being eco-friendly in both our production facilities and
our business practices. Our manufacturing facilities are certified ISO14000 and

Uniview also shares humanitarian beliefs and feels strongly that we should
give back to society. We have volunteer teams that has held several charitable
activities providing aid to people in need.

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