benefits of home surveillance

Top 10 Benefits of Home Surveillance Systems

Home surveillance has grown increasingly popular due to heightened concerns over security in recent times. Home surveillance utilizes high-tech cameras, with an ever-increasing catalog of features, installed throughout the property to keep your property and loved ones safe. Benefits of home surveillance range from deterring burglaries and thefts, monitoring loved ones, keeping an eye on pets, tracking the delivery of packages, and even knowing if someone is simply on your property.  

Over one million homes are burglarized annually, potentially resulting in the loss of all of your possessions and thus underscoring just how essential creating a secure living environment at home truly is. By investing in professional-grade home security systems, burglary rates could be reduced by threefold, making homes less prone to fall victim to this type of occurrence! 

Benefits of Home Surveillance Systems

Installing home security cameras is an invaluable way to keep an eye on things while away and bring you peace of mind. Let us explore the 10 top advantages associated with owning a security system today!

1. Protect your Home and Valuables

One of the primary advantages of home surveillance systems is safeguarding against burglaries, theft, and vandalism. Installing security cameras acts as a deterrent against break-ins altogether, while footage from these cameras helps identify perpetrators with ease as well as assist in recovering stolen items quickly if a break-in does occur.

2. Deter Crime and Burglaries Altogether

Criminals tend not to target homes equipped with surveillance cameras as they do not want to run the risk of getting caught, according to research done at the University of North Carolina. A survey showed that 60% of burglars stated they would avoid entering homes containing surveillance devices altogether - just the presence of surveillance equipment can deter potential thieves or vandals from even trying to break in! So why take the risk?

3. Provide Remote Viewing Of Your Home

With modern security systems, it is possible to remotely access cameras using an app or website from anywhere around the globe, monitor them, and get notified of what's going on at home while out and about or away at work. This is an incredible service that gives peace of mind while away from home - it makes sure everything remains safe and sound at your place of residence.  Many commercial-grade systems include this service for free which is a consideration in determining the value of your purchase. 

Homeowners can even keep track of deliveries, interact with people using their cameras that support 2-way communication, and have active notifications to alert you to check your cameras.  

4. Lower Homeowner's Insurance Premiums

Did you know that installing professional-grade home surveillance equipment could help lower your homeowner's insurance premiums? Insurance providers view security systems as reduced risks and are willing to offer better rates; on average, homeowners could see up to 20% discounts off their policy when installing professional-grade surveillance. Over time, this investment could generate substantial savings, providing both peace of mind and additional cash!

5. Deter Fire, Smoke, and Gas Problems

A home surveillance system offers many important advantages when it comes to detecting fire, smoke, or gas problems in your home. Advanced features like heat detectors, smoke alarms, or carbon monoxide sensors could be integrated into the security system to  alert you in an emergency instantly upon detection of any such incidents happening at your home. These integrated services can help prevent potential disasters from occurring by giving owners enough warning before anything goes wrong to execute evasive actions.

6. Keep an Eye on Your Kids and Pets

A home surveillance system offers another key benefit - keeping an eye on children playing or walking around in your house or backyard and any pets living inside or outdoors who might come under threat of harm from strangers or weather hazards. conducted research in 2019 that polled 1,000 parents about how often they checked home surveillance cameras while away from the house; one-third (34%) monitored their children more often when absent than anything else.

7. Know When Deliveries Arrive

An added perk of home surveillance systems is their ability to alert you to events in real-time. Thanks to smart cameras, you can easily set them to inform you when someone enters your property which can be a great asset when you are waiting for a delivery.  By using this feature, you can make sure to grab you packages before someone might attempt to steal them or even just make sure you grab any food that was delivered before it spoils.  

8. Increase Peace of Mind and Feel Safe

Security camera systems provide peace of mind by ensuring the protection of yourself, family members, and property - inside or outside the house - at any given moment of each day. Knowing that something like an incident has already been detected gives an added layer of assurance in case something unexpected arises in an otherwise peaceful setting. Having surveillance equipment also gives extra assurance should something go amiss without notice!

San Diego County residents experienced the theft of over $2 billion worth of property during just one year alone, according to FBI state-by-state statistics reports, showing just how important preventive measures are as an additional layer of reassurance while away from your house.

9. Document Evidence for Insurance Claims

Home surveillance systems can also provide critical evidence in support of insurance claims. Footage captured by security cameras serves as evidence in cases such as break-ins, theft, or property damage claims - so much so that 34% of insurers cite video camera footage as helping speed the resolution process, with $7 billion recovered since 1994 (based on FBI statistics).

10. Enhance Smart Home Automation

Home surveillance systems can enhance smart home automation by connecting with devices like thermostats, lighting, and door locks. According to Grand View Research, in 2021, it was projected that global smart home sales would exceed USD 622 billion by 2028, and individuals have increasingly preferred all-in-one security solutions as a form of home protection.

An automated security system offers maximum convenience and functionality while offering added advantages beyond simply monitoring activities through video playback analysis. 

benefits of home surveillance

How to Choose the Best Home Surveillance System?

Selecting a home surveillance system may seem daunting at first, but some key aspects to keep in mind include these factors: 

  • Coverage area
  • Image quality and resolution
  • Night vision capabilities
  • Smart features such as motion detection and two-way audio communication
  • Ease of installation

At We Supply Security, our goal is to offer professional-grade security cameras and accessories designed specifically to fit the unique requirements of San Diego County homes and their families. Our wide range of security camera options is sure to fulfill every one of your security camera needs at home or in business!

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Tips for Effective Use of Home Surveillance Systems

Now that you understand the benefits of home security systems, let's dive deeper into their effective use. By adhering to these simple tips for optimizing their potential use, owners can ensure everything stays under close surveillance without incurring security holes or facing unintended repercussions.

  • Place Cameras Strategically 

For optimal home surveillance system performance, positioning all the cameras strategically is critical - for instance, at entry points to your property such as doors or windows facing streets, cars passing by, and yards surrounding - as this ensures greater coverage via outdoor cameras while helping eliminate blind spots where criminal activity could go undetected.

  • Regular Maintenance and Upgrades

It may seem obvious, but regular maintenance checks are essential to maximizing equipment longevity efficiently. Clean camera lenses on an ongoing basis so they remain clear from dusk until dawn as well as perform firmware updates to keep them as secure as possible. 

  • Protect Privacy and Personal Data

Before installing surveillance cameras in public indoor spaces, it is wise to conduct an intensive investigation of privacy regulations. For example, in California all parties must consent to having their conversations recorded so you should take special care when choosing to enable microphones.   

  • Understand Legal Implications

Different states have various regulations concerning location, retention periods, usage permissions, and storage procedures that homeowners need to be mindful of before storing anything at their location. Legal implications should always be double-checked when shopping around for home surveillance systems! It's imperative that homeowners consider what might lead to litigatory charges against them, given that these details are stipulated by state statute. This makes considering all related legal implications an essential step when searching for the best home security solutions!


Home surveillance systems provide numerous benefits for users. They enhance security by deterring burglaries or thefts while remotely monitoring children's and pets' safety even when not at home.

However, it's crucial to choose the right system that best suits individual preferences and requirements without compromising the quality of performance. By strategically placing cameras, performing regular maintenance checks, and safeguarding personal data as per legal implications, homeowners gain maximum protection from their investments, thereby ensuring peace of mind through all means!